Water Chillers

Water Chillers by CustomChill

CustomChill units are the best way to provide a system with a safe, accurate, reliable, lightweight user-friendly cooling and/or heating device. CustomChill water chillers are the most effective and accurate solid state cooling/heating devices in use today. CustomChill’s thermoelectric water chillers systems feature state of the art green technology, PID and optional computer control through standard USB ports, which allow the user to program the unit within +/- 0.1°C accuracy and maintain that exact temperature for extended periods of time. These high efficiency, versatile, light weight chillers have high power outputs with low energy consumption. Water chillers are used for cooling and/or heating any system that requires a high level of heat dissipation or an absorbing system which requires constant temperature control. These thermoelectric chillers utilize the Peltier effect to maintain accurate control over any type of liquid in a given system. CustomChill works with its clients to provide standard and custom solutions to their heating and cooling needs. CustomChill takes pride in working with its customers to provide them with the most innovative and creative devices that seamlessly integrate into their systems.

Standard and Custom Features of CustomChill Water Chillers

CustomChill understands the importance of maintaining the power, proficiency, reliability and accuracy of tools and systems, which is why CustomChill’s recirculating thermoelectric solid state chillers are built from the highest quality components. Hand crafted and tested at CustomChill’s US manufacturing facilities, these chillers are built in the USA with long lasting performance and ease of use in mind. CustomChill thermoelectric chillers are durable, lightweight, maneuverable units, providing high efficiency, and long lasting performance. These self-contained or rack-mounted solid state cooling and heating systems can be used in any industrial or manufacturing environment where precise temperature control is vital.

Water Chiller Applications

  • Medical
  • Optics and photonics (high resolution camera systems)
  • Ultrafast laser systems
  • Diode pumped lasers (DPSS lasers)

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