Rack Mount Recirculating Chiller

CRAL300DP Rack Mount Chiller Front ViewThe CRAL300 Series chillers are CustomChill’s base model recirculating chiller. The CRAL300DRP is the rack-mounted unit rated at 300 watts, and is designed for ease of use and durability. (The self-contained CRAL300DP  is also available.)  This high efficiency compact chiller offers maintenance free, long lasting performance. The CRAL300DRP chiller comes standard with a universal power input with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control. It maintains temperature accuracy of fluid within +/- a tenth of a degree C.  To ensure long lasting quality and performance, these units are also offered with a variety of safety features and alarms upon customer request. The CRAL300DRP rack mount chiller offers the most innovative heating and cooling technology available for medical and specific industrial applications. CustomChill’s chillers utilize thermoelectric technology, making them the most environmentally friendly and efficient chillers on the market today.

CRAL300DRP Standard Features

  • Programmable Digital Controller (PID)
  • Low Fluid Level Indicator
  • Fluid Inlet and Outlet Quick Disconnect with Shutoff Valves
CRAL300DP Rack Mount Chiller Side View

CRAL300DRP Optional Features

  • RS485/RS232 computer communication
  • Heating option, up to 500 Watts
  • Flow control (Alarm)
  • Temperature alarm
  • Other safety and control features available

CRAL300DRP Specifications

Model Number CRAL300DRP
Input Voltage, VAC * 115/230-Universal input
Frequency, Hz 50/60
Current Draw, Amps 5.0 / 2.5
Cooling Capacity, (Watts/Btuh) 300 / 1023
Max. Ambient Temperature, °C/°F 50  / 122
Min. Ambient Temperature **, °C/°F -10 / 14
Max Flow Rate @ 0 pressure drop, lpm/gpm 3.79   / 1.0
Max Pressure @ 0 Flow, PSI 20.5
Chiller Fluid Capacity, ml/Gal 1250 / 0.33
Noise Level, dBA max / min 50 / 43
Control Temperature Range***, °C/°F -12 to 41 /  10.4 to 106
Temperature Control Accuracy, °C/°F ± 0.1 / ± 0.18
    Height, in/mm 7.0 / 177
    Panel Width, in/mm 19.0 / 483
    Case Width, in/mm 17.0 / 432
    Depth, in/mm 17.25 / 438
*     Input voltage range 90 VAC to 264 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz with PFC.
**    Minimum ambient temperature is given for equipment performance only; it does not take into consideration the type of fluid used. To avoid fluid freezing, always use proper antifreeze.
***   For fluid temperatures above 41°C, please Contact CustomChill.

CRAL300DRP Performance

CRAL300DP Performance Chart

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