Laser Chillers

Laser Chillers by CustomChill

The use of thermoelectric chillers is especially important for laser cooling, due to the chillers’ ability to provide low or no vibration water flow with very high accuracy, as well as long lasting temperature stability for outgoing fluid. CustomChill’s laser chillers have high accuracy and stability of fluid flow, fast response time, wide set-point temperature range, and simple structural design with a minimum amount of moving parts. This allows these small thermoelectric devices to be installed in small spaces, while remaining maneuverable, without compromising performance.

Standard and Custom Features of CustomChill Laser Chillers

Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) laser chillers are highly reliable, low noise producing, and environmentally friendly – a good example of green devices in the laser cooling industry. Solid state chillers manufactured by CustomChill provide customers with the ability to maintain precise temperature of laser systems using fluid recirculation. All CustomChill chillers are designed and manufactured in the United States from high quality, reliable components in order to achieve long lasting, high performance. CustomChill’s lightweight PID controlled chillers allow customers to maintain the temperature of critical components in laser systems within +/- 0.1°C. At customer request, CustomChill can provide laser chillers that can achieve temperature control of accuracy of +/- 0.01°C.

CustomChill works with its customers to provide thermal solutions for all heating and cooling needs with standard or custom built chillers. CustomChill prides itself on working with its customers to create innovative devices that seamlessly integrate into their systems.

CustomChill Laser Chiller Applications

  • DDPS Lasers
  • Laser Systems requiring non-compressor based chillers
  • Medical devices administering laser technology
  • Optical systems utilizing laser technology
  • Skin cooling technology when using laser procedures

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