Medical Chillers

Medical Chillers by CustomChill

The use of CustomChill units is the best way to maintain a safe, accurate, highly reliable thermal control of a chilling system. CustomChill medical chillers are the most effective and accurate devices in use, providing customers with precise temperature control of fluid. CustomChill’s thermoelectric medical chillers feature state of the art green technology, PID control, and optional computer control through standard USB ports. By controlling the unit from a computer, users are able to program the chiller within +/- 0.1°C fluid temperature stability and maintain it for extended periods of time. These high efficiency, versatile lightweight chillers have high power outputs with low energy consumption. Medical chillers are used for cooling and/or heating any system that requires a high level of heat dissipation or an absorbing system which requires constant temperature control. These thermoelectric chillers utilize the Peltier effect to maintain accurate control over various types of liquids, which can be used in a given system.

Standard and Custom Features of CustomChill Medical Chillers

CustomChill’s medical chillers are small, lightweight, eco-friendly and intuitive. They precisely maintain the outgoing fluid temperature, ensuring the comfort and safety of the patient. Unlike other medical water coolers which are based on ice water recirculation, CustomChill’s chillers employ solid state thermoelectric technology to maintain a long lasting efficient and accurate temperature of fluid with no harmful side effects. CustomChill medical chillers come as either self-contained or rack-mounted packaged devices with fluid temperature control within +/-0.1°C.

CustomChill Medical Chiller Applications

  • Hypothermia procedures
  • Skin cooling in conjunction with laser procedures
  • Sports medicine
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Hair and tattoo removal when using lasers
  • Skin treatment, vein treatment
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Cryotherapy
  • Gynecology

CustomChill works with customers to provide thermal solutions to all heating and cooling needs using standard product or special design, driven by customer’s request. CustomChill prides itself on working with its customers to create innovative devices that seamlessly integrate into their systems. CustomChill’s medical chillers enhance the value of its customers systems.

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