Applications Overview

Thermoelectric Chiller Applications by CustomChill

Cooling or heating devices are commonly used in everyday life. There is a wide variety of applications where thermoelectric chillers, designed and manufactured by CustomChill can be used. Thermoelectric chillers are used in such fields as:

  • Medical (plastic and general laser surgery, burn rooms, hypo/hyper-thermia Therapy
  • Industrial laser cooling
  • Food industry – maintaining desired food temperature
  • Sports Medicine – orthopedic rehab applications

Thermoelectric chillers are designed for the cooling/heating of any kind of heat dissipating/absorbing system. Wherever there is a need to supply fluid with a specific temperature is the opportunity to utilize a thermoelectric chiller device. CustomChill’s experienced group of engineers can help to adapt our thermoelectric chillers to any application. CustomChill is always looking for new and innovative ways to apply its expertise in thermoelectric cooling (TEC) technology to solve application, design, or engineering needs.

CustomChill thermoelectric chillers are self-contained devices with fluid temperature controlled by microprocessor, which allows it to maintain accuracy of +/- 0.1 °C. Thermoelectric chiller devices are small, lightweight, and able to maintain precise outgoing fluid temperature. These chillers offer a wide range of capacities and shapes required by our customers’ specifications.

Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) technology is reliable and inexpensive, resulting in high efficiency cooling/heating devices used wherever heating or cooling of fluid is required. Thermoelectric chillers can be completely self contained devices, or made an integral part of customer’s system design – serving the purpose of removing heat from a given source in the most efficient manner..

CustomChill’s thermoelectric chillers can be used where system design won’t allow use of standard cooling technologies, and the best results would only be achieved by special cooling/heating device design.

CustomChill is involved in number of projects where modular design of the cooling system is very important. Such specialized products are possible due to unique properties of thermoelectric devices – small size, position independence, minimum connections requirement, low noise levels and the innovative use of thermoelectric cooling technology.

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