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CustomChill, Inc. Company Profile

CustomChill is a Philadelphia based designer and manufacturer of state of the art thermoelectric chillers. Based on solid state cooling technology, CustomChill’s chillers have been designed and manufactured with the highest performance and customer satisfaction in mind.  CustomChill has a proven track record of providing innovative solutions that customers have seamlessly integrated into their systems, whether these applications be medical, photonics, industrial, or technology based.

CustomChill has an outstanding reputation for providing reliable, safe, solid state thermal systems to some of the most technologically advanced and innovative companies in the world.  CustomChill is proud to design and manufacture the highest quality solid state technology products to the complete satisfaction of customers. The ability to upgrade a chiller to customer specification and provide a reliable high performance product is the reason CustomChill has been one of the leading manufacturers of thermoelectric chillers in the world for almost two decades.

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